Premium Wedding Photography
Premium Wedding Photography
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Starting at $3100 CAD
What's Included
  • 12 hours of coverage
  • Pre-wedding photoshoot (1 hour)
  • Online Gallery
  • 30 business days delivery


  • Second Shooter (Photographer) (+$850 CAD)
  • Videography coverage for 12 hours (Includes Teaser, Highlight and Full Movie) (+$2400 CAD)
  • Second Shooter (Videographer) (+$850 CAD)
Package Description

Welcome to my Premium Wedding Package! I am excited to help you capture all of the love and emotion of your special day.

This package includes 12 hours of photography coverage, and you can add a second shooter as well.

The second shooter will be able to get unique perspectives and angles of your ceremony, reception, and all of the special moments that make up your wedding day.

I understand that your wedding day is special, and I am committed to providing you with the highest quality photos. My team is passionate about wedding photography, and we strive to make sure your photos are the perfect representation of your wedding day.

If you add videography coverage, We will also create a teaser video of your day (up to 1 min), a highlight video with all the best moments (up to 4 min), and a full movie to show off to family and friends (up to 30 min). You will receive your wedding photos and video within 30 business days of the wedding.

License Policy
Starting at $3100 CAD
Interested in booking?
Interested in booking?
Starting at $3100 CAD

Capturing a World of Color – An Artist Behind the Lens

Amir Fathalian
Wedding Photographer based in Hamilton, ON, Canada

I am Amir Fathalian, a Hamilton-based photographer with a passion for capturing unique moments. As a photographer, I specialize in wedding photography and strive to capture the important moments of a couple’s special day. I work closely with my clients to ensure that I capture the perfect shot that will be cherished for years to come. My goal is to create beautiful memories that will last a lifetime. I understand that each moment is unique and I bring my knowledge and experience to capture the unique beauty of each wedding. My style is a blend of creative and documentary photography that allows me to capture the full story of the special day. I have a keen eye for detail, which helps me to build a series of minor moments into a larger narrative. I am often praised for my ability to capture the emotion of the moment. I believe that photography is the best way to tell the story of a wedding day, and I am honored to be able to do that for my clients.